In my (other) professional life, I’m a briar cutter – running Romeo Briar in Taggia, Italy.
Since the age of 18 I have worked in the briar mill where my father gave me the skills and experience, and today I know quite a lot about cutting perfect blocks for pipe making.
The right block is a vital part of pipe making, but there is quite a process from the raw block to the final pipe.
My good friend - the Danish pipe maker, Teddy Knudsen - taught me the techniques of pipe making – how to drill the smoke chamber, how to make the stem and mouthpiece, how to stain etc. Teddy also taught me the basics about shapes and style.

A fusion of the knowledge and experience I got from Teddy and my father mixed with my oven enthusiasm and many hours of hard work brought me to this point in my life where I finally will consider myself a pipe maker.

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I love to work with the briar and it’s always a challenge to find the pipe in the block that will satisfy both the eye and hand and the expectations of a good smoking-tool.

The biggest thrill is that no two blocks of briar are alike. It’s fantastic to work with briar that I cut myself, maybe 3 tears ago - and to know that someone out there some day will enjoy and treasure my work.